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Anchor of my soul - 56 cm

Anchor of my soul - 56 cm
Titel: Anchor of my soul - 56 cm
Auteur: Necklace - Faith Gear
Bestelnr.: 612978378076
Prijs : € 15,95
Status:Dit artikel is uitlopend.
Voorraad:Voorraad onbekend
Levertijd:Langere levertijd


As a believer, your soul is anchored in the Savior. Our 'Anchor of My Soul' Men's Faith Gear Necklace, on a 56 cm long woven rope-like cord, looks as though it was just hoisted from the sea. This cool piece of Christian Jewelry is a testament to the source of your strength and where you place your hope. 

Hebrews 6:19 says, 'This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary.' A life lived in Jesus doesn't guarantee smooth sailing; but you can set sail confidently knowing you will rise victorious from the mighty waves when God is your captain. 

Faith in God grants you access to Him through prayer and worship, and you live a life tethered to something much more meaningful than anything this world has to offer. Set free your burdens by offering them to Jesus in prayer, focusing instead on growing your faith through studying His word and serving others. God commands his fleet to do more than toss about in the windóHe has a far greater purpose and a plan for you. 

God asks us to invite others along on the incredible voyage of faith. Spread the Good News of Jesus' love for us and the future available to those who believe in Him. Kerusso Necklaces for Men are a great way to start conversations and invite others to enter into a relationship with Jesus. 

- Cord necklace with metal accent
- Color: White/Silver
- Length: 56 cm


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