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Where Is God When It Hurts?

Where Is God When It Hurts?
Titel: Where Is God When It Hurts?
Auteur: Yancey, Philip
Bestelnr.: 9780310214373
Prijs : € 6,95
Status:Dit artikel is leverbaar.
Voorraad:Voorraad onbekend
Levertijd:Langere levertijd
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"If there is a loving God, then why ... ?" No matter how the question is completed, at its root lies the issue of pain. Does God order suffering? Or did he simply wind up the world's mainspring and now is watching from a distance?

In this Gold Medallion Award-winning book, now revised and updated, Where is God When It Hurts reveals a God who is neither capricious nor unconcerned. Using examples from the Bible and from his own experiences, Yancey looks at pain---physical, emotional, and spiritual---and helps us understand why we suffer.

Includes discussion guide.

Type: Paperback
Size: 6.75x4x.75 inches or 17,15x10,16x1,91 cm


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