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A Practical Guide to Evangelism--Superna

A Practical Guide to Evangelism--Superna
Titel: A Practical Guide to Evangelism--Superna
Auteur: Overstreet, Chris
Bestelnr.: 9780768438277
Prijs : € 16,95
Status:Dit artikel is leverbaar.
Voorraad:Voorraad onbekend
Levertijd:Langere levertijd
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'A Practical Guide to Evangelism-Supernaturally has the potential to ignite the fire of God's love to touch a hurting and dying world. As believers, our first ministry is to the Lord Jesus Christ in our worship and devotion. Our second ministry is to be in community and fellowship with other Christians. Our third ministry, we will never be able to do in heaven, is to share our faith with non-Christians. This ministry has urgency behind it because God's heart is for the lost and his desire is that none perish but all have everlasting life. In this book, you will trained and equipped to live a lifestyle of supernatural evangelism.

Topics clearly presented include:
A Kingdom Mindset
Core values of evangelism
How to lead people to the Lord
Praying for the sick in public
Prophetic Evangelism
Overcoming fear and rejection

Concluding each chapter are questions that will help you process what you have just read, along with discussion questions for groups, as well as a life application section that will help activate you into a lifestyle of Supernatural Evangelism.'


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