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Titel: Adamant
Auteur: Bevere, Lisa
Bestelnr.: 9780800727253
Prijs : € 18,45
Status:Dit artikel is leverbaar.
Voorraad:Voorraad onbekend
Levertijd:Langere levertijd
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'A mythical stone of indestructible wonder, the adamant has become equated with rock-hard resolve. Taking you on a journey into God's holy mountain, Bevere calls us to mine his unshakable truth and love as we are forged and shaped by Christ, our cornerstone, into ''adamant'' people---strong, immovable, determined, and steadfast!'

What is truth? This has become the defining question of our time. But while everyone has an opinion, truth, it seems, is getting harder and harder to find. Perhaps that's because we are searching for something when we should be looking for someone., Truth has a name.Truth is not a river that changes with the cultural currentsbut a rock and the cornerstone of all we are and ever dream to be.Adamantwill be an anchor for your soul in a raging sea of opinions, giving you a clear sense of direction in a wandering world. Appendix 1 - Additional Scripture Passages for Chapter 6 Appendix 2 - Lessons From Proverbs and Ecclesiastes


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