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A Handbook Of New Testament Exegesis

A Handbook Of New Testament Exegesis
Titel: A Handbook Of New Testament Exegesis
Auteur: Blomberg, Craig L.
Bestelnr.: 9780801031779
Prijs : € 19,95
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"This accessible handbook provides a one-stop guide to the New Testament exegetical method. Seasoned New Testament scholar Craig Blomberg and his former research assistant Jennifer Foutz Markley offer both a broad overview of the exegetical process and a step-by-step approach to studying the New Testament in depth, helping readers understand the text and appropriate it responsibly. 

The book is full of illustrations of interesting or controversial New Testament texts where using the method under discussion truly makes a difference in how the texts are interpreted. Professors and students in New Testament, Greek, hermeneutics, and exegesis courses as well as those involved in ministry will value this work's sound guidance, balanced approach, and manageable size. 

1. Textual Criticism
2. Translation and Translations
3. Historical-Cultural Context
4. Literary Context
5. Word Studies
6. Grammar
7. Interpretive Problems
8. Outlining
9. Theology
10. Application  

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 304"


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