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2022 I Carried You

2022 I Carried You
Titel: 2022 I Carried You
Auteur: 2022 Mini magnetic calendar - 9 x 15 cm
Bestelnr.: 9781642727142
Prijs : € 2,50
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Voorraad:Voorraad onbekend
Levertijd:Langere levertijd
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When we start a new year and look back on the hard times of the previous year, we can often see the ways that the LORD was with us even when we did not realize it in the moment. The 2022 Footprints Mini Magnetic Calendar offers us these words of hope for all that we face in life.  

The soft sandy beach slopes down the calendar's texturized surface, leading to the single row of footprints in the bottom right corner. The concluding lines of the poem 'Footprints' are written in white against the blue-gray sky.  

It was then that I carried you.  

The strong magnet on the back of this small calendar helps it attach easily to any magnetic surface such as a refrigerator, mirror, or file cabinet. You can also stand the calendar upright by popping out the easel stand on the back. Twelve monthly pages are stapled securely together but can be torn off at the end of the month. A unique Scripture verse lines the bottom of the calendar for each month and is an excellent tool for memorization or meditation.  

Even though there are times in our lives that we wonder where God is, he is always there, and he carries us when we cannot walk on our own. Whether you put this mini magnetic in your own home or give it to a friend, the 2022 Footprints Mini Magnetic Calendar provides hope to everyone who sees it.  

Lavender field cover design
Mini magnetic calendar
Strong magnet on back
Pop-out easel stand
Individually packaged in a self-seal bag with hanging tab
Size: 152 x 89 x 3mm 

Supplier: 316europe


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